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         Winter makes your skin dry. The good news is that making lots of easy, natural dry skin remedies, which give many expensive store-bought creams a run for their money.  the treatment of dry skin in the winter requires a holistic approach.

What to consume more in this winter for skin care ?

  1. Foods which are rich in sulfur nourishes your skin, including eggs, garlic and onions
  2. fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots and cantaloupe which are rich in Vitamin A.
  3. dark chocolate, oranges, spinach, beetroot, avocado, broccoli, almonds, salmon, walnuts
  4. Drink at least 3 litres of water daily to keep your skin hydrated

Homemade treatments for dry skin in winter :

Step-1: massage with warm oil

Rub the skin with warm almond or olive oil and let it sit for five minutes.

This acts as a best moisturizer in winter

Step-2 : Exfoliate

powdered flaxseeds- 4 tbspns

Brown sugar-4tbspns  

milk – to make a paste

  1. make a thick paste to exfoliate and wash the residue with warm water.  

Step-3 : face mask

yogurt - 4 tbsp

almonds powder -6 tbsp

  1. make a thick paste and spread on the face massaging lightly with your fingertips for a few minutes
  2. Let it remain for 20 minutes. 
  3. Rinse off with a moisturizing soap.

How to keep skin hydrated ???

Tip -1 : Avocado+olive oil

  1. Mash an avocado with 6 tbspns of olive oil.
  2. And slather it on your skin for 20 minutes, just before a hydrating bath.

Tip - 2 :

Add a few teaspoons of olive oil in your bath water.

Tip - 3 :

Give massage to your skin with warm oil (almond/olive oil/ coconut oil)

Tip - 5 :

Apply and massage your lips with sweet almond oil

Tip - 6 :

spray rose water in your bedroom and living room twice a day to retain moisture in the air

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