Prepare natural henna hair dye at your home – Conditioning effect

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Obviously, Henna serves as the best natural conditioner for hair. Henna is a good source for those who are sensitive to chemicals. Many of us think that henna is used only for coloring the hair but it also helps to prevent hair loss, dandruff, itching on scalp, lice…… 


  • Henna repairs the damaged hair follicles and you can regain the lost hair on your scalp
  • Natural henna hair dye nourishes the hair from its roots and gets stronger from the roots
  • Applying of henna reduces the headache
  • Henna avoids dandruff
  • Good for eyes(gives coolness and relaxation to eyes)
  • Henna declines the spilt-ends of the hair
  • Henna is used to cure lice and itching problem of scalp
  • Applying of henna makes your hair smoother, healthy, glossy, voluminous, silky and soft
  • And also henna avoids white and grey hair
  • You can have long hair if you apply henna

INGREDIENTS TO PREPARE & STORE Hair Conditioning mixture:

natural henna hair dye

Henna powder- 2 cups

Fenugreek seeds powder- ½ cup

Amla powder- 1 cup

Hibiscus flower powder- ½ cup

Dried curry leaves or curry leaves powder- ¼ cup

Coffee powder- 5 to 6 tbspns

Shikai powder- 4 to 5 tbspns (optional)


  1. Mix all the above ingredients and preserve it in an iron vessel.
  2. You can make use of this henna powder up to 3-4 months.

natural henna hair dye

Here the quantities are given for the basic idea to make the mixture.



henna hair dye

Homemade henna powder (above preparation) - 1cup

Curd- ¼ cup

Tea decoction – ½ cup (use instead of water)

Lemon juice- 2 tbspns

Egg white- 2 eggs


natural henna hair dye

  1. Mix all of them well without occurring any slits
  2. Soak this for 6 to 8 hours or overnight
  3. Next morning apply it to your scalp and hair
  4. Cover your hair with plastic cap
  5. Let it dry for 2-3 hours
  6. Wash off your hair with mild shampoo


  • You can use green tea instead of tea decoction.
  • Mix egg white before applying to hair (don’t soak). Egg gives provides nutrients to your hair, avoids dandruff & makes your hair stronger and smoother.
  • If you do not like eggs just skip them.
  • By applying henna -- your hair obtains some reddish color; you can lighten that color by massaging your hair with oil.


  • For best result apply it for weekly once or monthly twice.
  • You can see the drastic changes in your hair within 10 applications (i.e. 3 to 6 months)

NOTE: Try to use iron vessels for storing and soaking of this homemade henna powder because it helps henna to oxidize.

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