how to prevent hair fall with homemade herbal oil

hair fall

Hair fall has become quite common that most of the people face these days.     Hair fall occurs due to intake of medicines, stress, lack of proteins, iron, poor hair care and polluted environment.People think about anticipation of hair only after hair fall begins. But if you start taking care earlier it works out a lot easier…

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Remedies for thicker, Longer and Lengthy Eyelash Growth


What is the most prominent part of your face? Undoubtedly your eyes, they drag the attention when someone looks into your face. Eyes are the icon beauty of the face. No matter what was the shape of your eye and color, long lashes always make your eyes very attractive.All the ladies desire to have long and dark…

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How to Whiten Teeth in 3 Simple Ways

teeth whitening

With age, teeth become yellow or stain. These inconveniences are accentuated if you have bad habits (too sweet diet, smoking, high consumption of coffee, tea, etc.) and if your question is very porous. No panic, however, to find how to whiten teeth without breaking the bank, you only need to apply these simple tips, and know the…

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Homemade Remedies for Facial Hair Removal

facial hair removal

Unwanted hair on the face gives an awkward look to your appearance. In medical terms, abnormal hair growth on the face and other body parts in women is called hirsute. It is observed that people with dark hair or pigmentation are likely to be hairier than those with a lighter pigmentation or light-colored hair.Did you…

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Tips for Lengthy and Thicker Eyebrows


Many of you might be looking for bigger, fuller and perfect eyebrows. Now you are not so far in achieving your dream of dark and lengthy eyebrows. We have few homemade remedies with which better results can be obtained within a short span of time. All you need is to follow the tips mentioned below…

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Under Eye Dark Circles – Homemade Remedies


Someone truly said that eyes are the index of mind and heart. But if the dark circles persist under your eyes, it gives out a lot about your health, lifestyle and routine. In fact many people have under eye dark circles and there are many reasons for which they appear. Under eye dark circles affect…

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Ten Homemade tips to avoid dry lips

lip care

Take some amount of toothpaste and apply to your lips before bath.Let it get dry for 10minutes and scrub thoroughly with toothbrush.This will remove the dead skin cells from outer surface of your lips and reduces the darkening of your lips.Make this a daily habit to see better results.

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