How to reduce weight in just 2 months using Betel leaves

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Do you believe that betel leaf is used in weight loss program???  Probably, the answer is yes!!!! When betel leaves are combined with peppercorn, this mixture is used to reduce weight and acts as a weight loss tool that shows result in just 2 months.

reduce weight


  1. Betel leaves increases the metabolism of your body as it is used as a digestive aid
  2. Betel leaf increases the mucous quantity in the stomach and prevents from the dangerous effects of gastric acids by which acid secretions are reduced
  3. Betel leaf contains high fiber, that helps to get rid of toxins from the stomach
  4. Betel leaf helps in getting relieve from constipation
  5. Peppercorns helps in the promotion of sweating and urination by which excess water and toxins goes away from the body
  6. Betel leaf and peppercorns help in reduce weight.


reduce weight

Betel leaves- 1 or 2

Pepper corns- 6 to 7


  1. Take the betel leaves
  2. Put pepper corns on the betel leaf
  3. roll like a pan
  4. now start eating by chewing it


  • For best result, Eat it in the early morning with an empty stomach
  • Just in 8 weeks i.e., within 2 months you can lose weight.

NOTE: this recipe will be too pungent but keep on chewing it; the saliva carries the nutrients in to your stomach that makes your stomach ready for digestion of your intake of food.


  1. Make sure that the betel leaves must be fresh and green in color. If they are slightly yellow in color or old then they will lose their medical value
  2. Don’t eat rotten or rotting betel leaves because it can upset your stomach. (stop eating when they turn black)


Betel leaves can also cure the following problems

  1. It works as analgesic

Apply betel leaves paste on the affected areas of cuts, rashes, or bruises.

Chewing the betel leaf directly can also give relief from pain

  1. It helps to develop the appetite

Betel leaf is accomplished of restoring the stomach with normal PH level by sending out all the toxins from your body.

  1. It gives relief from dry cough and cold

Just chew directly if you can bear the pungent odor.

  1. Fungal infections are cured by betel leaves.
  1. It has cooling and analgesic property by which it can cure headache.

Just apply betel leaves on your forehead.

  1. It gives instant relief from

Just pour the drops of the mix of betel leaves juice and coconut oil.

  1. Just add the betel leaves juice to your bath tub. It gives the freshness the whole day and reduces the bad body odor.


  1. If 3 betel leaves are combined with a little amount of lime juice that is equal to 150 ml of cow milk.
  2. Betel leaves can prevent the problem of white discharge (leucorrhoea) in females.
  3. Some people apply mustard oil to the betel leaves and warm it, and then the leaf is kept on the chest to get relief from
  4. Malaysians use (betel leaves juice+ any oil(like coconut oil)) to treat pains like lower back pains, headache, arthritis, etc
  5. Betel leaves increases the mental functions and alertness
  6. Nervous exhaustion is cured by the intake of (betel leaves juice+ honey)
  7. Betel leaves used to treat low breast milk production, diabetics, palpitation, ulcers and wounds


  • There will be no side effects if use only betel leaves without betel nuts.
  • Many world health bodies reports state that chewing of betel nuts cause cancer but not the betel leaves.

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