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Fair skin /tan free skin is something most of the women/men want. Keeping your skin flaw free can be quite troublesome. We often end up with buying skin whitening products that are very pricey and end up with zero results. Natural remedies have been use for over thousands of years and guarantee results. Here is the remedy that will definitely help you get rid of tan from face:



Gram flour- 1 tbsp
Honey- ½ tbsp
Lemon - ½ tbsp (you can use orange juice also)
Milk powder- 1tbsp
Milk- 2 tbsp


  1. Mix all of them well except milk.
  2. Apply it on face with synthetic brush.
  3. Next apply milk on face with brush.
  4. For every 5 mins apply apply milk on your face up to 20mins.
  5. After 20 mins, massage your face for 5 mins (in circular motions).
  6. Clean your face with fresh and filtered water.

Benefits of this tan pack:

Lemon/orange is the best skin lightening agent.
Milk is the skin lightening and also gives moisturizing effect to your face.
Gram flour removes pimples/ acne and also reduces the tan from face.
Milk powder makes your face smooth and clear. Mainly milk powder gives you facial affect.
This pack gives you tan free skin by removing all the traces of tan.
Honey gives moisturizing effect to your face and gives natural fairer skin tone.
This pack removes dark patches and naturally lighten your skin.
This pack clears out uneven skin.
This pack gives you naturally fairer and brighter skin.

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