health benefits of lemon juice

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Many of you might not know the significance of the most available ingredient lemon for health. Lemon is a very aromatic (sweet-smelling) citrus. There are many benefits of lemon juice listed below.

lemon for health

I have four distinct parts having all the different intrinsic worth.

  • When one looks at me, notices the yellow skin. My skin is rich in carotene.
  • An essential oil extracted from fresh lemon for healthcitrus has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This is a great way that the fruit was found to protect against the decay and antagonism.
  • Then comes the white and spongy part which contains pectin, this useful substance allows the regulation of cholesterol, causes a feeling of fullness and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • My juice in turn, contained in the central portion is a remarkable liver tonic having high concentration of vitamin C and bioflavonoid. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties while bioflavonoid, protect against free radicals, improve blood circulation, slow up secretion histamine responsible for allergies and defend the body from viral and bacterial infections.

Citric acid contained in its juice supports digestion by stimulating the production of gastric juices and enzymes and temporarily inhibits the rotting of food. 

  • Where is my fourth part, you say?This is seeds distributed in the juicy part.Lemon seed, like the grapefruit seed, is strongly antibiotic.


uses of lemon

  1. Prepare lemon juice with warm water.
  2. Fresh lemon juice is always preferable.
  3. Early morning 10 to 15 Min before breakfast is the best suggested. Starting the day with lemon is the healthiest begin.

Lemon juice should be pressed at the time of consumption. Do not take in small plastic juice bottle; nothing beats a freshly squeezed juice.

Why one glass of lemon juice for U?

uses of lemon

Benefits of lemon juice-

Controls high blood pressure:

benefits of lemon juice

Lemon holds potassium which controls high blood pressure and reduces the effect of nausea and faintness. Controlling the blood pressure is one of the best benefits of lemon juice.

Purification of blood:

benefits of lemon juice

Lemon is good for clean-up of the circulatory system. It cleanses the blood from the amount of sugar in food we eat. It also purifies preservatives and simulated flavors that we eat and that are found in the blood.

Controls Respiratory Problems

benefits of lemon juice

Lemon water can condense phlegm and can also help you breathe properly and aids a person distressed with asthma. This is also one of the best benefits of lemon juice.

Prevents Stones in Kidneys

benefits of lemon juice

Regular consumption of lemon juice mixed with Honey will amplify the construction of urinary citrate, a chemical in the urine that avoids the formation of crystals which leads to building up of kidney stones.   


benefits of lemon juice

The lemon is generally used as food, but can also be used as part of dieting. There is even a lemon diet! Lemon is used as a natural fat burning.

Lemon is a dominant cleaner of the body. It is de-toxin, it promotes intestinal passage, lemon dissolves fats and sugars, and it cuts hunger and burns fat. As part of a diet lemon can be used several times during the day.

The vitamin C in the lemon is an effective nutrient for burning fat. It accelerates the metabolism, stabilizes the sugar levels in the blood, and inhibits the storage of sugars as fat.

Lemon is therefore recommended for those who want to monitor their physic. Drink the lemon juice in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Repeat the same at night, just before going to sleep. It is perfect to burn fat without adding calories!


benefits of lemon juice

Lemon has many benefits including detoxification and is a wonderful tonic to the liver. It is also a solvent for uric acid and other poisons. 

Lemon acts on the liver especially when consumed as pure juice or with hot water on fasting. As it is a stimulant, lemon cleanses the liver which itself filter body wastes.

Lemon juice to be taken in the pure morning fasting or with hot water. Lemon on fasting is sometimes hard to swallow; it is a matter of practice.  As part of a lemon cure, start by drinking pure lemon a day on waking, and then mount up to 4 lemons.   


benefits of lemon juice

What is the natural antibacterial?

Many plants or vegetables / fruits are used as a natural antibacterial.

 Lemon juice is one of the best natural antibacterial.

The lemon essential oil is used in aromatherapy as anti bacterial particular. Attention to the use of essential oil of lemon that can be photosensitizing.

Lemon is helpful relieve sore throat; Lemon can treat all types of infections of the throat. In fact, it tones the membranes and kills bacteria while disinfecting us. 

  1. You can drink tea with lemon and honey to treat sore throat.
  2. Steam a piece of lemon. Let cool and then squeeze the juice. 
  3. Mix it with a tablespoon of pure honey and drink. In just few minutes, you will feel recovered.

Oral care:

benefits of lemon juice

  • Take half of lemon and squeeze the juice.
  • Mix the lemon juice with a glass of water and wash your mouth with this mixture.
  • This will cure bleeding gums. 
  • It also helps reduce pain caused by toothaches.
  • This solution can be used as the best mouthwash. In fact, the citrus acids in lemon will changes the pH of the mouth. 
  • It thus reduces the bacteria, the root cause for bad breath.

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