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The sedentary lifestyle is one of the risk factors for various diseases , a body that is not supported by physical activities fail to fully enjoy life in a healthy and balanced way. If most of your life you've been sedentary then you should at least try to go slowly moving the body. There are many benefits of walking with which you'll feel more energy and courage to face the day.
It is good to know that regular exercise gives the same benefits that a drug offers while you make, once you leave all fade, so the importance of regular exercise. This is one of the best health and fitness tips.

benefits of walking

Benefits of walking for health:

  1. Walking for fitness improves blood circulation, thus all the nutrients can efficiently reach every cell in the body and avoid problems caused by poor circulation such as swollen legs, varicose veins , etc.
  2. The risk for heart diseases decreases and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  3. Walking benefits includes toning muscles, giving a more attractive figure who practice it.
  4. You will notice you have more energy and stamina.
  5. It protects against diabetes .
  6. It helps lower cholesterol  and blood pressure.
  7. You'll burn calories helping to lower weight, lose fat and gain muscle.
  8. You will eliminate extra fluid from your body.
  9. Your bones, ligaments, tendons and joints will remain healthier and stronger.
  10. The digestive system will work better. Walking is very beneficial to combat constipation.
  11. Helps to free yourself from stress .
  12. You will improve your breathing, the air in your lungs will be renewed. When performing exercises will release endorphins, the hormone of happiness. You feel excited and happier.
  13. Avoid the depression and insomnia.


We all know the axiom 'health is wealth' , yet many people ignore to spend minimum amount of their time for exercises. Exercises benefits you in several ways. Include walking in your daily routine to achieve fitness.

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